A place to share my two loves: beauty and food.


Hello, my name is Louise is and welcome to my blog! 

I am 25 year old primary school teacher who lives in London and enjoys all things beauty.

After many years of reading other people’s blogs and watching their youtube videos I finally plucked up the courage to start my own blog. Everyone has been so kind and supportive it has made me wish I had done it years ago! 

My addiction to reading blogs began about 2 years ago when I wanted to improve my skincare. I was bored of having dull and unhealthy skin so started browsing the internet to get inspiration and found lots of interesting blogs, many of which I still read today! I am also an avid reader of food blogs and really enjoy trying out new recipes. My mum is a fantastic cook and the kitchen is always the heart and soul of the house. In this blog I am going to incorporate my two loves and generally share anything that I have enjoyed. 

If you want to contact me for a chat then I am always around on social networks. Say hello on either: 


Twitter: @louiseisloving

Instagram: louise_151 and whatlouiseisloving

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/louiseisloving/

I hope you enjoy! 


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