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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Monthly Round Up : November

So I have tried and failed to continue my weekly posts despite how much I love writing and looking back at them! Either not a lot happens in a week so I think it would be a little dull or far too much happens and I have no time to write anything. Therefore I thought I would start a monthly round up post until I am more organised and back into the swing of scheduling posts. 

Highlight 1

The other weekend I went to see James and Starsailor with my Mum and her best friend Jo. Growing up these bands dominated all other music so when I saw tickets I knew I had to take them both. We met in Brixon village and went for pizza at Franco Manca and cocktails at District 19. Both of which I would highly recommend. The concert was great too and the energy and dulcet tones that both bands produced were inspiring to watch and dance along to and reminded me how much I love going to gigs. It was also lovely to catch up with them both and I ended up going home for the rest of the weekend to snuggle up next to the fire and cuddle Jo's new Bengal Tiger Kittens. They are incredible and now most definitely on the list of animals I want when I am older! 

Highlight 2

There have been many events with friends this month including dinner parties at mine, birthdays to be celebrated and a rather red wine fuelled steak and games Sunday, which I particularly enjoyed. We went to Roxie Steak in Fulham and then were supposed to go for a walk around the city but with the rain we decided to run to the local Coop and continue drinking back at the flat. This quickly turned into numerous games and was definitely my favourite was to spend a Sunday. My friend runs thisbecause.com which looks at buying sustainable products and the hamper she created was actually shown in The Observer last weekend so it is definitely worth checking out. 

Highlight 3

Giff Gaff Tour of London was definitely a highlight as when you live in a city you often don't fully appreciate how amazing it is and rarely do the touristy things. This all changed one chilly Wednesday and I am so pleased that it opened my eyes to someone of the wonderful spots London has to offer. Read more here

Highlight 4 

With the school I was lucky enough to go and see War Horse at the theatre and I was completely blown away at how lifelike the puppets were. Having grown up around horses I was fascinated at how realistic every movement was and the subtly in which the frames could be moved. You completely forgot about the actors inside the horses and just saw them as real animals on stage. I also was overwhelmed at how much it showed the futility and sadness of the war from all sides. I went to see it with Year 7 boys and I definitely wasn't the only one who shed a tear at the end! 

What have been your highlights this month?

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  1. I really want to see warhorse! I saw a little bit of it during the remembrance day concert and I completely get what you mean about the horses' motion - its absolutely amazing! Lucy, aspectatorsport.com xx


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