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Monday, 22 December 2014

Estee Lauder Enlighten EE Cream SPF 30

This stuff is seriously good and I have been using it non stop for the last month. I find the Estee Lauder Enlighten Even Effect Skintone Corrector to be the perfect product to counter the cold weather sapping the glow from my skin, changing my dull grey complexion into a healthy radiance - despite the ridiculously long name! The EE cream is the latest alphabet related beauty product to be released and is a very light weight formula that evens your skintone so is very much for your no makeup days! Although the coverage is minimal I love how it brightens my complexion and really does look like I am not wearing anything. I just team it with the Clarins Instant Concealer - read more here - and I find them the perfect combination. 

The Estee Lauder Enlighten is the latest skincare range that works to correct any skintone issues you make have such as: dark spots, sun spots, post blemish marks, redness or discolouration.  The EE cream is the last step of your routine  and can be used on its own or under foundation. It is full of anti-oxidants that work to smooth, hydrate and soften your skin. I have definitely noticed the benefits from using it and will definitely repurchase. 

I absolutely love the light weight feel and the luminosity it brings to my skin. The SPF 30 is also an additional bonus as the weather in London has recently been surprisingly bright and sunny as well as crisp. You can purchase it for £34 - although many shops have fantastic Christmas deals on at the moment! 

What is your Winter base of choice?


  1. They make EE creams now?! This sounds lovely, anything that keeps skin hydrated and smooth is alright by me :) xx


    1. I know they are really working their way through the alphabet! This is a really good base though if you are after a healthy hydrated finish. x


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