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Monday, 29 December 2014

December Highlights

1. Christmas Day

Christmas is my favourite day of the whole year - I mean what other day can you drink champagne before breakfast? But in all seriousness I do love everything about the day. The way my brothers, sister and I still pretend to believe as in our house if you don't believe then Father Christmas doesn't come! How we all sit in front of the fire in the morning opening gifts before starting on the lunch. This year was much quieter than others as we had 14 and actually we had done so much the night before we ended up making a chocolate roulade as had so much time! Then all the family come over and we eat ourselves to bursting before more presents in front of the fire. Although as a family we often all get together, it is never quite as special as Christmas Day. 

2. Seeing Friends. 

Christmas is the time for a ridiculous amount of parties, either with novelty themed jumpers - Hello Primark! - or more civilised affairs like seeing friends who are normally abroad. Again, I am lucky that everyone from my hometown has moved to the same area of London so I never have to venture out that far. Over the last few weeks it has been so much fun getting into the festive spirit, a highlight has to be the screening of Love Actually with snow and mulled wine - see post here.

3. Crisp Mornings

The winter weather can be atrocious - flash back to my last rather wet Christmas post - but there is nothing better than the crisp sunny mornings for dog walking and horse riding. I think I will always be a country bumpkin at heart!

4. Olympia

I was a horse mad child and have always gone to Olympia every year. I now go with my Aunt, cousin and sister and although I no longer look after my horse I love wandering around the stalls lusting after all the products and wishing I could win the lottery so I can buy it all! The horse riding is immense and although the show jumping might not be everyone's cup of tea, there are many other performances that make it a fantastic day out for anyone. This year there were the dare devil Cossack riders who spun upside down and did head stands whilst galloping around the ring; then the Metropolitan Police Riders who can ride through fire and take their saddles off whilst jumping; and of course the Shetland Grand National which was my dream as a child! 

I am not going to do a December Beauty Favourites post this month as I have just posted My 14 Beauty Favourites of 2014 so there will be many similarities! 

What have been your monthly highlights?

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