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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

October Favourites

I do not know why this foundation got pushed to the back of my drawer as I absolutely love it! It has a soft light weight serum consistency that leaves a gorgeous healthy dewy but natural finish to the skin. It is partnered with the Youth Liberator range of skincare so has the added bonus of skin care ingredients. It is my favourite day foundation as it has SPF included although I think I need to find a less pricey base to be using for everyday as I don't think the children I teach appreciate the flawless finish and for £36 I want to save it for special occasions. But it is very hard to stop using it as I just love the finish so much! 

2. Escentuals Molecule 01 Perfume, read full review here

I absolutely love this scent and think it is perfect for the colder months. It mixes with your pheromones resulting in a new unique perfume for each person. It has a deep woody spicy smell and I have been stopped in shops and the street by people who love it! I got the refill for travelling for £27 making it more affordable than other perfumes. 

3. Soap & Glory Solar Powder, read full review here

This is an amazing product for adding natural warmth to your complexion. There are two shades making it perfect for the transition into paler winter skin! For £11 I think the forum and finish are amazing and I am so happy I finally picked this up.

This gem has given my skin a much needed healthy boost this month and I absolutely love it! It has a gorgeous orange scent that is a perfect wake me up in the mornings. Although for £15.99 you only get 30ml you only need a small amount and the result is well worth the price! 

This is one of the very useful eyeliners that you twist to get more product making the need for a sharpener redundant. I absolutely love this packaging as it is so much sleeker and simpler to use, plus it comes with a very useful smudger on one end - technical term there! The colour is a really intense black that due to the waterproof elements lasts all day. For £3.99 I think this is such a bargain!

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