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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Instagram Tour of London

One chilly Wednesday I went on the Instagram London Walk to see London through tourist's eyes and to meet some new people. The event was courtesy of Giff Gaff and our tour guide was the bubbly Charlotte from Best LDN Walks who was full of contagious energy and fun facts. Phil Hibberd from Photography Made Simple also joined us to offer tips and tricks on how to improve photography on your camera phone. Although sceptical with my old iPhone I was actually impressed with some of the shots I managed to capture!

We met at Waterloo and first walked to Waterloo Bridge for our first glimpse of South Bank. The first fun fact I learnt was that the Waterloo Bridge was actually built by women during WW2 and it is coated in a special material so that when it rains it actually cleans itself! 

We then wandered down to South Bank which made everyone feel incredibly Christmassy due to the twinkling fairy lights, festive jumpers and the smell of cinnamon and mulled wine being wafted through the air - bliss! 

We ended up beneath the London Eye opposite the infamous Big Ben. We then wandered down a side street promising we wouldn't cheat and look behind us. I am glad I stuck to it as it was breath taking to see the London Eye framed by trees behind us. Unfortunately I didn't manage to capture the beauty! 

 We then made our way to Leake Street which is the only place you can legally graffiti due to Banksey buying the tunnel so no one would get into trouble! It was amazing to see some of the intricate designs and unfortunately my attempt couldn't really compare! 

 Once high on aerosol fumes we decided to continue on our tour and go and see Big Ben. I just wish we could still make building like this! 

We finished with a stroll up Whitehall to Piccadilly where we stood on a plaque which signified the very centre of London and where all road signs are measured to. I had a really wonderful time and can't thank Joe Blogs enough for inviting me on the experience. Sometimes when you live in a city you miss all the landmarks that make it such a special city so I am very grateful to Charlotte for reminding me what a wonderful city London is! I also met some really lovely people and think you all should definitely check out Martina's blog Almost Apricot as her photography is amazing and her outfits make you want to cut up your bank cards! 

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