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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How I like my avocado.

Avocado was one of those foods I just could not get on board with until I went to South America travelling. There you can buy avocados for a few pence and I used to live off them using this recipe with sun warmed tomatoes. They were incredibly cheap and avocados are so good for you. They are highly nutritious, containing fibre, protein and a range of vitamins including potassium, iron and vitamin C. They are also unique as they contain a 'good' oil: the mono-saturated type, which reduces the levels of bad cholesterol and lowers your risk of heart disease and strokes. 

Avocados are the perfect addition to thicken smoothies or to add many benefits to salads. However, this is my favourite way to have them:


1 x avocado
1 teaspoon of smoked paprika
Half a lemon
Lots of salt  & pepper
Sesame Seeds (optional)

Mine is on homemade bread that has been lightly toasted - recipe here

1. Slice avocado all the way round and twist until open. Pop the stone out and remove from the skin. 
2. Add all the other ingredients and mash together.
3. Serve with tomatoes, smoked salmon or just as it is. 

How do you love your avocado?


  1. I've only just started eating avacado. This sounds so good, I'll have to try it one day! xx


    1. I wasn't a fan for years but I love it like this! Let me know if you try it. x

  2. this looks amazing! I love avocado, especially in guac form with pitta bread and hummus! x



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