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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Getting the Glow

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Now summer is officially gone and the winter coats have been dusted off I have noticed a difference in my skin. Gone is the gorgeous healthy glow from the summer holidays and instead the cool wind and  warm heating have squeezed any hydration and it is starting to look dull. However I do have a few products up my sleeve to save me. 

This is a gorgeous affordable liquid highlighter that I either mix with my base of choice for a extra glow, or I apply to it area which I want to highlight. It leaves a very healthy sheen to the cheeks without being to glittery or obvious. I hate it when a product leaves a very definite heavy finish that does not look natural. This however leaves the most beautiful subtle finish and it stays for almost a whole day and can be easily built upon. 

Again this is another pale product that can used as a primer (it's main function), mixed into your base or to pinpoint certain areas after you have applied your makeup. As it is so pale I have been mixing it in with my darker shades as my skin transitions into the ghostly pale winter look! I absolutely love this and have repurchased it twice. It looks beautiful however you use it and definitely makes you look as if you have had a pamper evening without the fuss! Read more about how I mix it here

I wrote a full review of this product here, and I still feel the same. It is the perfect summer product as it adds a warm glow. I have used this mixed into my bases to give them an extra boost or it is gorgeous over the cheeks to add colour and highlight. It is perfect for your makeup bag as it gives your cheeks that pop of colour and life you need towards the end of a long day. 

I wrote a full review here and it is a product that definitely packs a glowing punch! A very little of this product goes a long way so be careful. I use this product when I am going on a night out to add the final touches as I know it photographs beautifully and will stay put all night giving me a gorgeous glow rather than sweaty shine - beautiful! 

What is your favourite product for getting a glow?

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