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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Baking Bread

Last week I was on half term and as I decided to stay in London I had a few more hours to away time. As the start of October had been rather boozy I wanted to try and eat really healthily. It always concerns me that shop bought bread doesn't go stale but mouldy, this always makes me think what preservatives they must have in them, so I decided to bake my own. My mum always did this whilst I was growing up so I know how easy it is however, when I spotted the Wright's Baking Mixed Grain Bread Mix I wanted to see just how easy it could be. I would also like to add that this mix was 90p so it is not a more expensive option! 

1. Put the whole pack of Mixed Grain Bread Mix into a large bowl with 300ml of luke warm water. It is important to have warm water to activate the yeast. Mix together and leave for 5 minutes. 

2. Put the dough onto a floury surface and knead for 5 minutes and allow to rest. 

3. Decide how you would like your bread to be styled - either shape it on a baking tray, place it in a 2 lb loaf tin or break the mixture into smaller spheres to create rolls. 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

My Week # 2

I wanted to make these as a diary of my activities but time passes by so fast it is hard to capture anything. 

b1. Co=ordinator

2.  James covert

3 Family Time

 4 -Friends and games

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Topshop Glow in Polished

Topshop Glow in Polished
Topshop Glow in Polished

Topshop Glow in Polished

A few weeks ago I blogged about my favourite products that bring life into my complexion and give me that healthy radiance, read post here. However, I should have held my horses as there is a new favourite in town. So many people have recommended this little pot of goodness to me so I was excited to see if the Topshop Glow in Polished would live up to the incredible hype. 

The packaging is sleek and small, which I like as it fits nicely into my makeup drawers and bag. It has a very creamy consistency and is easily blended into your skin. I have used it both over liquid and powder bases and there is no difference in the finish, which is a gorgeous sheen that leaves no shimmer just a lovely glow. The pearlesent light reflecting particles are natural but can also be built up to have more impact. 

I have really enjoyed using this and it has put all other highlighters into the shadows for me. For £9 I think it is a real bargain and cannot recommend it enough. 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Soap & Glory Solar Powder

A few months back my beloved NARS Laguna Bronzer - review here - smashed in my bag, although I can use it at home it is too much of a mess to carry around in my makeup bag. Everyone and their friend has been raving about this bronzer recently so I knew I needed to give the Soap and Glory Solar Powder a whirl! 

There are two shades of bronzer making it perfect for the transition into Winter and therefore pale skin. The deeper bronzed colour is a definite matte whilst the honey coloured product has a very slight shimmer running through it. The formula is pigmented and beautifully creamy making it easy to blend into the skin. The embossed S&G has a pink shimmer over it when it is first opened but that quickly disappears and isn't noticeable on the cheeks. This is the perfect matte bronzer to warm your complexion and the only one I have reached for this month.

I also really like the two toned colours as it doubles up as lovely eyeshadows for  when I am travelling or on the go. The packaging is sleek and easy to carry around and I particularly love the giant mirror it comes with. 

All in all I think his product definitely lives up to the hype and for £11 is an absolute steal. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Quinoa and Vegetable Dish

This has been my staple over the last few weeks because it is as good as left overs out the fridge as it is out the pan! I have been making huge batches to have for my lunches for the week. 


Quinoa (I used multicoloured as it is normally sold out by the time I get to the supermarket!)
Bouillion Vegetable Stock Powder
Romana Peppers
Red Onion
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

1. Add stock to the boiling water and after you have rinsed the quinoa with cold water in a sieve place them in the boiling water. Turn down the heat and leave to simmer for about 20 minutes. 

2. Sauté the chopped onions with salt to make them sweet, then add courgettes, the rind of a lemon and its juice. Once they start to soften add the chopped tomatoes and broccoli. 

3. Once the vegetables have cooked down on a low heat add the garlic and red pepper. At the very last moment add the spinach leaves so they soften. 

4. Rinse the quinoa under cold water to cool them and stop them cooking. Stir in all the vegetables. Add in the feta and avocado and you are done! 

5. There should be enough juice in the vegetables for it to be utterly delicious but if you want a stronger flavour I sometimes add some dressing in. Read my delicious and easy recipe here

Obviously there is a lot of vegetables in this dish and you can opt to have as many different ones as you like. This dish is full of nutrients not only from the different vegetables but also from the quinoa which is deemed a superfood due to the high protein and calcium it contains. 

What do you like for your lunches? 

N.B Sorry about the fuzzy pictures! 

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser
Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser
Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser

The Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser has been popping up lots in my favourites and I realised that I had never dedicated a whole post solely to it! When I first purchased this last year I wasn't blown away but over the summer I wanted a lighter base that matched my tanned skin and found this buried in my stash. It soon become my favourite product over the summer and I am still using it now. 

The formula is much lighter than the oil free version so you do have to go in with concealer after if you have any problem areas, however it also means that it looks incredibly natural and just smooths and highlights your natural skin tone. The finish is definitely radiant and luminous so if you prefer a more satin or matte finish this may not be for you. I tend to slightly powder any areas that tend to get oily or I want to mattify using my much loved Ambient Lighting Powder - review here. It stays put for the majority of the day, which for me isn't too bad, but I do need to touch up late afternoon. 

I absolute love the healthy glow this gives my skin, particularly now the weather is starting to change. It is going to be a very hard choice whether to repurchase this or the oil free version next! 

You can purchase it for £34 here.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturser review here

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Getting the Glow

L_R Body Shop, L'Oreal, Topshop, Lou-Manizer
Now summer is officially gone and the winter coats have been dusted off I have noticed a difference in my skin. Gone is the gorgeous healthy glow from the summer holidays and instead the cool wind and  warm heating have squeezed any hydration and it is starting to look dull. However I do have a few products up my sleeve to save me. 

This is a gorgeous affordable liquid highlighter that I either mix with my base of choice for a extra glow, or I apply to it area which I want to highlight. It leaves a very healthy sheen to the cheeks without being to glittery or obvious. I hate it when a product leaves a very definite heavy finish that does not look natural. This however leaves the most beautiful subtle finish and it stays for almost a whole day and can be easily built upon. 

Again this is another pale product that can used as a primer (it's main function), mixed into your base or to pinpoint certain areas after you have applied your makeup. As it is so pale I have been mixing it in with my darker shades as my skin transitions into the ghostly pale winter look! I absolutely love this and have repurchased it twice. It looks beautiful however you use it and definitely makes you look as if you have had a pamper evening without the fuss! Read more about how I mix it here

I wrote a full review of this product here, and I still feel the same. It is the perfect summer product as it adds a warm glow. I have used this mixed into my bases to give them an extra boost or it is gorgeous over the cheeks to add colour and highlight. It is perfect for your makeup bag as it gives your cheeks that pop of colour and life you need towards the end of a long day. 

I wrote a full review here and it is a product that definitely packs a glowing punch! A very little of this product goes a long way so be careful. I use this product when I am going on a night out to add the final touches as I know it photographs beautifully and will stay put all night giving me a gorgeous glow rather than sweaty shine - beautiful! 

What is your favourite product for getting a glow?

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The To Do List

I saw this post on Bonjour Luce and loved the idea. I seem to have a never ending list of things I want to do but never have the time to complete. Every year I say that this will be the one where I suddenly become the flexible linguist  but alas this is yet to happen! I have really enjoyed condensing my gigantic list to these six things, and hopefully at Christmas I will be able to say that some have been ticked off! 

1. Keep improving my blog until it something I am proud of and want to share with family and friends. At the moment it is a secret but I hope that this year I will have the confidence to share it. I also feel at a crossroads with it and am unsure of how to proceed and what I really want to write about. 

2. Learn to save. Being a teacher and living in London makes this very difficult but I desperately need to develop this skill!

3. Invest in a new camera, which sort of negates the former point! I am currently using an old Lumix but sometimes it is hard to get the clear images I want. I love photography and really want to improve. I know a new camera is not essential for this and will continue to learn new skills on the one I have for the time being!

4. Learn a language. Despite living in Portugal for a year I am shockingly bad with languages. This year I would love to learn a language, the question is which one?

5. Get a GoPro. My cousin had one on holiday and they are such fun. It is definitely on my wish list! 

6. Become a yoga goddess. I have started going more and I am really enjoying it. Now that I am beginning to understand it I want to go even more and push myself.

What is on your to do list?

Thursday, 2 October 2014

My favourite cream blushes

Although my obsession with the Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush is definitely not over (read why here) I have been opting for my cream blushes more and more now the weather has started to change. Does anyone else find that once the tan has faded and the sun rays become rather pathetic then their skin begins to look rather lacklustre? I have been reaching for these two all summer but recently even more so as I want to keep the dewiness in my skin. And yes I am aware that the two are very similar.

Topshop Cream Blush in Head over Heels £7

The formula of this is incredibly soft and buttery. It melts into your skin leaving a gorgeous natural flush. I have repurchased this light pink numerous times and it is the perfect size to keep in your makeup bag. Plus the mirror makes it incredibly useful! 

Revlon Photoready in Coral Reef £7.99

Although this does look a little scary in the pan, it actually applies quite sheer and blends out easily into a natural healthy glow that is a little more coral than the Topshop offering. The formula is slightly different too as it isn't quite as soft, although this does mean it lasts a very long time. I have been using this on an off for a year now and I have hardly made a dent (the pictures above prove this point). I all think this has better longevity than the Topshop Blush even though I tend to reach for the latter more! 

Box is Oliver Bonas, see here, in case anyone is wondering! I got mine in the sale so keep your eyes peeled as it could go back in. 
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