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Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Perfect Poached Egg

I love brunch. Breakfast is a meal I find very uninspiring but brunch, well that is just ingenious on a Saturday. On of my favourites has to be poached eggs with either smoked salmon and lemon juice or ham and pesto. My mouth is actually watering at the thought! 

Lots of people are put off making poached eggs as they fear they are incredibly difficult to create but this is not the case. My boyfriend and I always use the cling film method and although I can kick myself when I offer this back at my family home - it is so time consuming when you are making 14 eggs - but for two I think it is the easiest way to achieve the perfect poached egg. 

You will need: cling film, olive oil, eggs & a mug or cup.

1. Cut a sizeable chunk of cling film and brush olive oil over one side to avoid the eggs from sticking. 

2. Put the cling film on top of a mug and push down so there is a whole for the egg to be cracked into. 

3. Crack the egg and season before tying the cling film into a secure knot. Make sure you fasten it securely and that there is not much air around the egg.


4. Pop into boiling water for about 2 minutes. Stir occasionally so that all the egg is submerged otherwise you might get one side runnier than the other! 

5. Take them out the water and allow them to rest for a moment whilst you do the final prep work on your plate. 

6. Cut them open and remove the cling film. 

Hopefully you have perfect poached eggs and six very easy steps! 


  1. This is genius, I always want to make poached eggs but never do because it just always goes wrong but I'm totally gonna try this today! Thanks for the awesome post!


  2. They look so yum! I've never tried a poached egg though I have no idea why!
    Love Victoriajanex

  3. Yours came out amazingly, mine never looked like this so had to get a new technique! Looks delicious but eggs benedict for me as I don't like salmon, wish I did though! xx
    LemonaidLies - Lifestyle & Beauty Blog

    1. Try this on as it is so easy to get the perfect egg! I love them on ham too with a bit of pesto. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! x


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