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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lisbon: The Beaches

After university I was lucky enough to do a gap year and when I came back I was offered a job teaching English in Portugal. I was still unsure what exactly I wanted to do with my life and although I knew I wanted to teach at some point I felt envious of all my friends' jobs in central London. I decided to go to Portugal so I could decide exactly what I wanted to do. While I was there I met my current boyfriend who was also English and teaching there as well as some fantastic Portuguese friends. Recently I went on a family holiday and so spent four days (luckily there was a Saints Day!) with friends re-experiencing the night life in Lisbon - which is phenomenal by the way - as well as exploring new areas. 

My friends really wanted to head to the stunning beach Praia do Ursa which is about half an hour out of Lisbon and very close to Sintra. What they did not realise was the treacherous walk down to the beach! 

However, I have to say the near death climb down was definitely worth it and the beach was absolutely beautiful. Although the sea is the same as the English coast and so bone shatteringly cold! If you are ever visiting Lisbon for more than a few days and want to visit the coast line then I definitely recommend this beach. 

On the way back we stopped off at the picturesque town of Sintra for one of their famous pastries. It was absolutely packed with tourists due to the Disney style turrets and beautiful architecture not forgetting the delicious sweet pastry called Travesseiros (meaning pillow) - the best are sold in Piriquita.

The villa we stayed in, see more on that here, was south of the city over the bridge and also had some stunning beaches on the Arribida coast that I would recommend. If only London had such stunning beaches this close and the same beautiful weather! 

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