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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Week # 34

There hasn't been a weekly favourites for a few weeks as I have been in Lisbon on a family holiday but more on that later this week. Just before I left for Portugal it was my Dad's birthday so I decided to take him to Restaurant Story, which was recently created by the renowned chef Tom Sellors. The food was incredible and I actually wrote a full post on our lunch here

For the rest of the week I caught up with friends, family and went to see my horse. Unfortunately the latter does not happen often as another family are looking after her for me as London rent + a horse = minus money every month!

This week has been the last of the summer holidays and the weather has also definitely decided that it is now Autumn. I can feel my tan wash away with every downpour of rain but I am optimistic for one more week of sunshine! 

On Wednesday I caught up with friends I met in New Zealand and we went to Big Easy in Covent Garden. I absolutely love the Kings Road one and this did not disappoint. I didn't take many photos as the lighting is quite dark but it has a fantastic atmosphere and live band. Each day has a different offer and Wednesday's are as much pulled pork as you can eat, sides and a drink for £16.99. Thursday's are also a winner as you get steak and lobster for the same price! 

On Thursday I went to celebrate a friend's birthday at Zumbura in Clapham Old Town which was a massive disappoint, never go there for the chef's special! This weekend I cooked stuffed pork loin wrapped in parma ham and a chocolate roulade for friends and finished off at the butterfly exhibition and the Natural History Museum today. It was the perfect way to finish the holidays and I am looking forward to catching  with everyone at school tomorrow. 

Photographs (L-R): Butterfly // Just Hatched // Roulade // Liberty Watches // Cutie //  Restaurant Story // Big Easy // Pudding

Posts this week have included: Liberty Knot Tie Watches; Restaurant Story & August Favourites.

As I have been away for so long and this is already a long post I won't finish with my usual list of favourites! 

Hope you all had a good week! 


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