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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Restaurant Story

I wanted to take my Dad somewhere special for his birthday to treat him for a change as he is always spoiling us. I asked around friends and Tom Sellors  new restaurant, Restaurant Story was a firm favourite from everyone. The food was incredible and the staff so friendly and helpful it really was the perfect afternoon. I had told them it was my Dad's birthday so on our arrival there was an envelope on our table addressed to my father with a Happy Birthday letter inside signed by Tom Sellors which I thought was a nice touch. You can go for the taster options at lunch but I had heard from friends that you get so many tasty treats that the three course lunch menu for £35 is more than enough. I decided that as it was my Dad's birthday I didn't want to take a camera but the second the food came out I knew I had made a massive mistake! I will definitely have to go back to do the experience justice but I did manage to snap a few pictures so you get the gist! 

The lunch menu states there will be 'Treats' before your starter but I was not expecting this to be seven courses of the most delicious flavours and combinations. I actually wish I had taken a picture of each treat as we struggled to remember each one by the end. I know there was toasted cod skin with a cod puree; flowers where the center had crystallised oysters; a shrimp inspired oreo biscuit; razor clams with champagne snow; a rabbit sandwich; and sweetcorn four ways which were all incredible. 

 I love tasters like this because it allows me to experience lots of different flavours that I would not normally go for on a menu, such as rabbit, oysters and razor clams. I was a vegetarian for most of my childhood and am still a little squeamish when it comes to meat so this is the perfect way for me to taste new things. 

The starter was Bread and Dripping something I was a little apprehensive about however, it was insanely good. The dripping came out as a candle about 5 minutes before the bread. You were then given warm crusty bread to dip into the melted juices and a tapanade to give an extra hit of flavour.  

The main course was lamb cooked in three ways with roasted vegetables and sheep's yoghurt. It was definitely some of the best lamb I have ever had but the portions are small, in fact it was the same size as a small starter. However, as you get so many treats before and the taste was sublime I couldn't really complain. 

We then had a cheeseboard with an assortment of breads followed by a refreshing palate cleanser of lemon sorbet and white chocolate snow - incredible! 

To finish we had an almond and dill dessert followed by coffee and incredible chocolate tea cakes. 

As I said before the the whole experience was perfect as not only was the food beautifully prepared and presented but the staff were so friendly and helpful. It is not the most attractive setting compared to some of the restaurants near by as it is surrounded by roads but the food and staff definitely make up for it. 

Again I apologise for the lack of photos, I promise next time I will take my camera but the lunch was too good not to share! 

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