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Saturday, 30 August 2014

August Favourites

These favourites are predominately holiday related as I spent most of the month is Portugal.

This is my favourite body moisturiser for sunny weather, especially if I feel my skin has been in the sunshine for a little too long. It soothes brilliantly, absorbs quickly and keeps my skin soft and hydrated. 

I am a bit of a floozy when it comes to SPF (apart from my beloved La Roche-Posay Tinted Moisturiser 50+ that I use every day on my face - read review here) but this really stood out for me this summer. I am not sure if it made me tan quicker but definitely protected me from the sun rays and left my skin feeling so moisturised. I did not burn once using this even though I was in and out of the pool lots. 

When I first bought this I found it was more shiny than glowing and as the colour is slightly too warm for my natural skin tone it got pushed to the back of my drawer. However, my much loved Laura Mericer Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser has run out so I decided to give this another go. It is much sheerer than the oil free version and I found that with a touch of powder across my T zone this left the most gorgeous finish. I have definitely loved using it this month and I think whilst my tan remains so will this in my every day makeup. 

This chocolatey mousse can be used both as a cream bronzer and as a primer. I find in the summer due to the high SPF I use my face resembles Caspar the Friendly Ghost whilst the rest of my body tans. Therefore this has been an absolute hero product for me. I use it all over to bronze my whole face before I apply a base (although sometimes I leave it just as this) and then I go over and build the colour on any areas I need. Although this is heavily fragranced it does not break my sensitive skin out and leaves a really nice natural but slightly matte finish. This is the perfect summer bronzer that is so easy to use. 

I have raved about this product before here but the reason it is in my monthly favourites is because it can be used anywhere on your face: for blemishes or to lighten dark circles making it the perfect travel all rounder product! 

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  1. Love the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, great favourites x



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