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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tresemme Instant Voluminsing Refresh Dy Shampoo - Perfect for Brunettes!

I was always envious of my blonde friends who could use dry shampoo without a care in the world. In fact many use it now to not only give their locks volume and texture but also to lighten it before nights out. I was never a huge fan of dry shampoo after one to many times of leaving the house to only realise a few hours later that I had zebra stripes running through my hair or that my scalp looked like it had aged 50 years. With my Batiste I tried everything from frantic rubbing for ages, to using the hair dryer but I always worried that there would be a noticeable patch that would suddenly become painstakingly obvious in the bright sunshine. That was however until I found the Tresemme Instant Volumising Refresh Dry Shampoo. I am sceptical of dry shampoos that claim to counter for brunettes as found the Batiste version was no better than the others but this formula works. I never have to worry about grey patches or streaks as it becomes unnoticeable once massaged into the hair. Instead you are left with fresh looking locks without the hassle and bother of actually washing it. This version also gives my limp locks some much needed volume that lasts a surprisingly long time. I absolutely love this and have gone through countless bottles of the stuff. I also have a mini version in my gym bag for when I am in rush - gross I know! 

What is your go-to dry shampoo?



  1. I don't know where I'd be without dry shampoo. This one smells much nicer than Batiste in my opinion
    ox Lucy

    1. Batiste has such a distinctive smell I swear you get whiffs of it on the tube sometimes! x


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