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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Spiralizer - Perfect for those who want to eat more vegetables!

I bought a spiralizer after constantly lusting over Bex's lunch at work, her blog Twins in Trainers is amazing and you should definitely check it out!  She got me hooked onto Deliciously Ella's website and as most of her recipes have 'Courghetti' I knew I would have to give it a go. 

When the spiralizer arrived my boyfriend rolled his eyes, dismissing it as a waste of money and another one of my fads that would be loved and then quickly forgotten about. He also pointed out I could just use a peeler and then finely slice the courgettes to achieve the same thing. I decided to ignore the former comment and it has now been about 7 months and my love for it is still going strong! 

I am not going to lie, it is a bit of a faff to create and wash up but I do think that extra bit of time is worth it. I am becoming addicted to eating lots of vegetables and I try to avoid pasta as it leaves me feeling very bloated. 

The contraption comes with different graters that you can change depending on what you would like your vegetable to be turned into. Whether it is sweet potato chips, curly fries, elaborate decorations or noodles. You then slice the vegetable into a sizeable chunk, place it between the two skewers and then turn the handle. It really is very easy to create and the pieces effortlessly dismantled for cleaning. I think that courgettes have to be my favourite vegetable to spiralize and I like to gently sauté them so they have a similar texture to spaghetti. However I would like to point out that there is a high water content in courgettes so do not put your sauce in until after you have cooked them and drained the excess otherwise you end up with a very soggy watery dinner! 

Above I spiralled one courgette, chopped the courgetti into smaller strands and then gently cooked them with my homemade pesto sauce, tomatoes and fresh basil leaves. It was incredibly delicious, healthy and kept me full until morning! If you would like I can post some of my other much loved recipes here too. 

You can buy a Spiralizer on Amazon for about £28.


  1. I'm absolutely addicted to courgette pasta and I just use a peeler at the moment but I definitely want to get one of these! Such a useful kitchen tool!


  2. Oh my god I am so jealous you have this! I make courgette spaghetti all the time. I may have to get one!

    India / Touchscreens & beautyqueens

    1. Definitely get one as it makes the process so much easier! x

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