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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Fabletics Fabulous Gym Kit Offer

I have always hated the gym with a real passion but recently I have got into the swing of it and have actually enjoyed attending my different weekly classes. However, I am always filled with envy when I see everyone's lovely bright gym clothes when I am standing in an old t-shirt that I should have thrown out years ago. In an effort to keep my gym attendance up I decided to invest in some new gym gear so I would be more tempted to go. I have recently invested in some Nike Free Runs which I absolutely love as my previous pair had no grip across the bottom which made lunges and workouts rather precarious! I love these Nike trainers as I can wear them both socially and at the gym plus they are unbelievably comfortable and very lightweight. 

Fabletics is a company that was co-founded by Kate Hudson and sells really good quality but affordable gym wear. The website is easy to use and they even put outfits together for you depending on if you prefer running outdoors, the gym, yoga or a bit of everything. But the best thing has to be the offer when you first sign up as you get an whopping 50% off making it the most fashionable but affordable range of gym wear. I love wearing my kit now and it has definitely inspired me when I go to the gym. Above are the two outfits I bought and since wearing them I have had people at the gym ask me where I got them from. If you want to feel inspired by your gym kit then I would definitely recommend looking into this amazing offer. 


  1. oo these are really nice! I am always looking for new gym attire! H&m have a nice section too! Bit of a gym freak myself. Will definitely check this brand out.



    1. I like H&M too but I love the colours Fabletics offer plus the discount is amazing! x


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