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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Miracle Repair Elixir Hair Oil

Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Miracle Repair Elixir Hair Oil
Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Miracle Repair Elixir Hair Oil

There are so many different hair oils now but the Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Miracle Repair Elixir Hair Oil (a terrible mouthful I know!) has to be my absolute favourite and I am now on my third bottle of the stuff! I am lucky that my hair is naturally straight and extremely stubborn when I attempt to curl or style it in any way so I actually use a limited amount of heat on it; especially now the weather is warmer I try to let it dry naturally as often as possible. However at times I feel it can lack the hydration and softness I crave and that is when this serum/oil comes into play. There are the many ways this multi-purpose product can be used: as a heat protectant; a mask before shampooing; to ease de-tangling on damp hair; reduce frizz; strengthen each hair from within; smooth and increase shine. It can be used on damp and dry hair but I much prefer the former as it can make my dry hair look too lank.

The blend of five natural oils nourish and repair your hair but do not leave it feeling greasy. In fact the light weight formula absorbs quickly and leaves your hair with a silky soft feeling and a healthy look - but you only need the smallest amount! Although it does include natural oils and plant extracts it also contains silicone which might put some people off. 

At £15 (although it is currently £10 in Boots) it is not the cheapest hair oil available but I always stock up when there are offers and one bottle will last me months and months as a little really does go a long way! 

What is your favourite hair oil?


N.B The artwork in the photos are from the very talented Anna Wright. Her work is amazing and well worth checking out if you love animals!


  1. I love the artwork in the background, so pretty! The hair oil sounds nice too, they are such a necessity in this weather. x

    1. I know she is such a talented artist. I love all her work! x

  2. ooh this sounds lovely!

    from helen at thelovevcatsinc.com

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