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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Healthy Almond, Coconut, Raw Cacao and Chai Seed Truffles Recipe

Healthy Almond, Coconut, Raw Cacao and Chai Seed Truffles Recipe

This weekend will for many, myself included, be one of gorging on delicious food and chocolate treats so I thought it would be the perfect time to share my new food obsession that I am getting everyone hooked on. Healthy Almond, Coconut, Cacao and Chai Seed truffles which taste incredibly naughty but are actually incredibly nutritious! I actually got this recipe from my friend Bex who with her twin sister run the blog Twin in Trainers. If you don't already then you should check their blog out as it is full of healthy food and inspiration - if I am honest reading it makes me feel jealous I am not a keen sportsman anymore! Here is her recipe.

This is such a simple recipe and perfect for those who want something sweet but without all the naughtiness. The raw cacao gives you the chocolate hit, whilst the nuts and seeds give it a lovely crunch. Raw cacao has many benefits, including helping lower cholesterol and being great for feeling low whilst the seeds add fibre, omega 3 and protein. 

Ingredients for about 35 small balls. 

1 and a half cups of coconut flakes
1 cup of almond
Half a cup of cashews
9 medjool dates - pips obviously removed! 
1 small ripe banana
4 headed tablespoons of raw cacao powder
3 tablespoons of chai seeds
I also added in flax seeds which tasted great!

First put the coconut flakes into a food processor and blend until they are a small crumbly consistency. Put them to one side to use later. 

Then add the cashew and almond nuts to the processor and blend until they are a crumble consistency. Add in the banana, dates and raw cacao and blend until it is a thick mixture that should be a little sticky. 

Finally stir in the seeds and coconut flakes. 

Now you can roll the mixture in the palms of your hands until they are small little firm balls. Place them into a Tupperware container and place into your freezer for about an hour and a half to allow them to set. 

Keep them refrigerated and in an air tight container so they last longer. 

Let me know if you make them! 


Don't forget to check out Twins in Trainers! 


  1. I've made something similar to this but with dates! So yummy :)
    XO, Steph http://sunberrystyle.blogspot.com/


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