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Saturday, 1 March 2014

What's In My Makeup Bag

I have recently posted about the skincare I take away with me for the weekend  (here) so I thought I would also share the makeup products that are selected too, especially as they are what I normally reach for each day.

My base of choice for the last few months has definitely been the YSL Youth Liberator Foundation in BD50 I still think this is a tad too dark for me but with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush I think it is only me who notices! I love everything about this foundation, the silky feeling when you apply it down to the radiant finish. I find it covers all my blemishes and leaves such a flawless natural base. Perfect! 

For any extra concealing I use my Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC04. I absolutely love using this with the Real Techniques Detailing Brush and tend to use this for pinpoint concealing, how very Lisa Eldridge of me! I actually wrote about this for my first every blog post, here. For under the eyes and any patches left which I want more cover I have been reaching for my NARS Creamy Concealer (see review here) and using the Real Techniques Dome Shadow Brush to blend (my favourite under eye brush FYI). This is a wonderfully nourishing product which can be used all over the face. However if I have dark circles then I do tend to layer with the Phwoarr Paint by Seventeen, see my thoughts on that here

The final step to achieve radiant skin has to be my beloved Ambinet Lighting Powder in Dim Light. This blurs imperfections and leaves me with that glow from within radiance. Ever since I have used this combination I have never received so many compliments about my skin and I am so glad I made the investment! More about my thoughts on Dim Light here

Final stages to add a bit of warmth and colour to my base are the NARS Laguna Bronzer, see full review here and my giveaway, and the YSL blush. Now I have to admit the latter is a cheeky steal from my Mum which has since been stolen back! I do love the colour of this product but if I am truly honest it isn't my favourite! The consistency is creamy but with a powder finish and it is very build able. The packaging is obviously heavenly but I do not think it does enough to justify the price! 

For the eyes I use my L'Oreal Super Liner, quite possibly my favourite felt tip liner, find out more here. I also always curl my lashes as otherwise they just stick straight out which isn't the most attractive! This tool actually made it to my 2013 Makeup Favouirtes here, because it was one of the first products I bought after reading beauty blogs and one I use every single day without fail. The difference it makes is just incredible! Finally for the eyes I have been using the L'Oreal Mega Volume Miss Managa. My feelings on this are pretty mixed, I do like it (especially now it has dried slightly and no longer transfers onto my lid) I am not sure I would repurchase. It definitely isn't 'The One' for mascaras - one day I will find it! I actually did a post on it here

Eyebrows for me tend to be the last thing I may attention  too. I always apply them after I have finished with the base products in case I smudge them and have to start again. Can you tell I am typing from experience? I have really enjoyed using the Anastasia Brow Wiz and I find the colour match perfect, which is great as although I love a defined brow I also like it to look natural. See more detailed thoughts here.  

My lips tend to change on my mood and are definitely anything but consistent so I thought I would just concentrate on those products which are my firm favourites and do live in my makeup bag - which is from Not On The Highstreet, unfortunately I cannot find the seller! It is starting to look a bit dilapidated but luckily I have a back up from the wonderful London Kat to replace it with! See more about that here

Sorry for such a long post! But I love having a nosey into people's makeup bags so hope you enjoyed this too! 

Here is a link to my Everyday Makeup #1 as there have been quite a few updates! 

What is in your makeup bag? 



  1. I'm so curious about the Nars concealer - it seems amazing, although I can't quite decide whether to go for this or a primer instead :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. I haven't tried their primer so can't help you there! Love the Laura Mercier Radiant Primer though! x

  2. Great picks! I see so many of my favs in this post x



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