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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What would you pack for a weekend away?

I adore weekends away, whether it is a fun night out with the girls, exploring a new city or a romantic break with the other half. However, packing for these occasions can be stressful so I thought I would compile some useful advice that I have learnt along the way. 

My top tip would be to really research where you are going so you can pack for the weather and activities. At the start of my travels I arrived in Buenos Aires with a bag of flimsy dresses and bikinis to find out it was 7 degrees. Not my best moment! Really think about the items you want to take whether it is going to lie by a pool or take in the sights of a city you want to be prepared! 

My second tip would be that you don’t need half the things you think you do. Pack light. Samples are perfect for this, I have a ridiculous hoard which I raid before weekends away. See previous post here

When it comes to makeup you need to think carefully, do you have products which could double up or are small? The Revlon Bronze Highlighting palate is perfect for cheeks and eyes, see my review here. Also SPF is an absolute must wherever you are going, your skin will thank you later! This Roche-Posay can also work as a tinted moisturiser and your base. I would recommend paying a visit to Muji as they do fantastic travelling bottles you can decant foundations into if you would prefer a higher coverage. 

You obvious need all the essentials: money, phone, tickets, passport if you are abroad, music and headphones, but something I would not be without would be my camera as you want to remember all the incredible experiences. I love looking back through pictures from weekends away, it always makes me smile reminiscing about the fun I have had! Here are a few of my favourites over the years.
Whitsunday, Australia
Fraser Island, Australia
Angkor Watt, Cambodia 
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile 
Rugby Sevens, Hong Kong

What would you take for a weekend away? 


This post was my entry for the #Blog4Trek which is competition held by Trek America to win a two week Westerner2 trip. I have never been to North America and this is such an incredible opportunity, everyone should definitely check it out but quickly as there are only  few days left to enter! 


  1. Great essential items, love seeing the liz earle cleanse & polish in there!

    alice xxx | beauty blog | beauty channel

    1. Thank you. I know I love that cleanser, it is so good! X

  2. I am trying so hard to only pack essentials when I go away, I'm getting *slightly* better haha. One day I'll have the same amount as you haha xo


    1. It is so difficult isn't it! Samples are unbelievably useful though. X

  3. Love your Sunglasses ! Those pictures are so pretty :0
    Cait || http://copycattt.blogspot.ie/


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