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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Favourite Five Foundations

The #bbloggers chat on Wednesday got me thinking about my stash of foundations and the ones I actually use on a regular basis. I have tried out many over the years to varying degrees of success, some I just don't get why they are so hyped up - Rimmel Wake Me Up's holy grail status for instance remains a complete mystery to me! So I thought I would share with you my favourite five and the reasons behind why I love them so much.

From the list below you might be able to see that I like a radiant dewy foundation that can turn my tired skin into a healthy glow. I like them to be medium coverage, as I find fuller foundations far too heavy on the skin and I find that if I want a very sheer base then I will opt for a more nourishing tinted moisturiser. 

1. YSL Youth Liberator Foundation

Recently this has not left my face and it has become a firm favourite, which I recommend to anyone who listens. It is partnered with their Youth Liberator range of skincare and so this base has the added bonus of skincare ingredients, which is a complete win win for me! I really love the serum consistency as it feels so soft on my skin and leaves a gorgeous dewy natural finish. Although it is heavier than many of my foundations you do still need to go in with concealer to hide any stubborn imperfections. It also does not look heavy on the skin instead leaving you with a healthy flawless complexion. I find that this lasts all day on my skin and I am never complemented as much as when I wear it. It is expensive but in my opinion it is worth every penny. I am a BD50 which can be a little too dark if not well blended in these pale winter months. You can buy it in Boots for £37, told you it was pricey! 

2. Giorgio Armarni Luminous Silk

For nights out it is this much raved about base that I reach for as it really does live up to the hype! It does not contain any pesky SPF so I don't have to worry about flash photograph and any Caspar the Friendly Ghost faces the next morning when I browse through pictures. I have written about this foundation in more detail here, but to sum it up for you now I would have to say it is well worth the investment. It comes in a whopping 21 shades so finding your perfect match is considerably easier. It gives you a flawless light finish that leaves your skin looking healthy and radiant. The best thing is that it lasts all evening and I always get complimented on my skin when I wear it. A very close second. You can buy it from John Lewis for £35.50. I am a 5.5 in case you are wondering! 

3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

This is my absolute favourite high street foundation and one I have used since it was released. Although I was initially put off by the fruity smell I quickly got over it when I realised it did not break me out and the scent vanished on application. The scent comes from the three super fruits ingredients: lychee, goji and pomegranate. Together these erase sign of fatigue while evening out the skincare and reviving your skins radiance. I love the texture of the serum based foundations as they are more gel like, melt into the skin and leave a gorgeous radiant natural finish. This lasts me almost all day and if you want a good base for around a tenner then I cannot recommend this enough. The only down side is that it only comes in a very limited six shades but for £10.99 I can get over this. I am a B52 or B53 depending on how tanned my skin is. 

4. NARS Sheer Glow

This was the first high end foundation I bought on the back of lots of rave reviews from both bloggers and friends. One thing I never understand is the naming of this product as it is neither sheer nor glowing! Instead I would say this is medium coverage that can be built up to quite a heavy base if wanted. The finish is not as radiant as others I have mentioned but it does give your complexion a healthy finish. I do love this but I am careful to make sure any dry areas are well moisturised before I apply it as it can get patchy if not. I still love this foundation and it normally makes appearances for nights out or if I want my base to last a long time. One of the annoying things about this foundation though is the packaging, there is no pump which means a lot can be wasted if you don't have a steady hand or do not want to invest in a NARS pump. I have the shade Sante Fe and you can purchase this for £31 from John Lewis. 

5. Bourjois Healthy Radiance Foundation

Fifth place was a bit of a toss up between this and the Revlon Nearly Naked. I ended up going for another Bourjois offering as if I want the sheer dewy finish of the Nearly Naked then I do just reach for my tinted moisturiser; as it gives the same light finish but is much kinder to my skin. This Healthy Radiance Foundation is always compared to the Chanel Vitalumiere, I have not tried the high end alternative so cannot really offer an opinion but it is worth considering if you enjoy the Chanel finish. Read Belle's in depth comparison and review here if you want to know more! I really like this base as it gives you a healthy looking complexion whilst covering any blemishes or uneven skintone. Like other bases from their 'Healthy Radiance' range it does have the fruity smell but this is down to the natural ingredients which are added. It definitely perks my tired looking skin up and for under ten pounds you cannot go wrong. It has eight shades and I tend to be 'Light Beige.' You can purchase it at Boots or £9.99. 

What are you favourite five foundations?



  1. I swear by the YSL Youth Forever serum foundation and I'd love to try the Armany one, it seems wonderful too :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Thanks. I absolutely love it. You should definitely give it a go! X

  2. Great post. Really want the Luminous Silk foundation x


  3. I use the healthy radience foundation at the minute and I am a really big fan but I would love to try the healthy mix and the YSL - maybe they will be my next purchases! x


  4. I reeeeally want to try the YSL Youth Liberator! Need to start saving some pennies xx


    1. I know I wish it wasn't so expensive! Definitely worth it though! x


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