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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Liz Earle Healthy Radiance Facial

For my birthday my boyfriend kindly got me the Liz Earle Healthy Radiance Facial at their Kings Road shop and I was so excited to go! The store is situated in the area of shops by the Saatchi Gallery and my favourite Zara, which is very dangerous. The relaxed atmosphere in the store is perfect for browsing and you are offered some lovely refreshments whilst you wait for your appointment. 

The last massage I had was a deep tissue one in Laos which cost about £2 and resulted in me not being able to move any muscle in my body for about 2 days. The whole ordeal was excruciating so I was a little sceptical at how much I would enjoy an hours massage, luckily this was the polar opposite! Instead you were taken downstairs and show into a lovely little room with a wardrobe for all your clothes. You then undressed and slipped between the super soft and comfy sheets, which were heated, to wait for the masseuse to return. The bed was so comfy and the music so relaxing I was almost asleep before she returned.
My hair was wrapped up away from my face; my make up was removed and then my face, neck and shoulders cleansed with a combination of their Cleanse & Polish and Gentle Face ExfoliatorEach product was gently massaged into the skin and then removed with warm cloths. The whole process was heavenly and I soon relaxed into it.

I then had the Superbalm massaged into my face for what seemed like forever, I think every millimetre of my face was worked on numerous times until it felt incredible. 

She then applied a combination of the Deep Cleansing and Brightening Mask to my face, applied some cooling cotton pads to my eyes and started to massage my neck and shoulders whilst the masks did their magic. The latter is actually a personal favourite of mine and a product I have repurchased recently. This part of the treatment was particularly incredible as recently I have developed a very painful right shoulder, which I think is from carrying my rather heavy Mary Poppins style bag to work and back every day. This sorted any pains I was feeling right out and my muscles felt released from any tension. 

The mask was then removed with their Instant Boost Skin Tonic, (their renowned toner) which apparently is an important tip many people do not know. I find that when removing a mask, especially a clarifying one, can leave my skin feeling very tight until I move onto the next step of my skincare routine. By massaging the tonic into the skin first it eases the mask from the skin without causing any dehydration. Since this visit I have been using my Skin Tonic or pre-cleanse oils to remove masks and the difference is considerable, I would definitely recommend giving it a go! 

The final touch was the Skin Repair Moisturiser in Normal to Combination skin, a favourite of mine. The whole experience lasted an hour, which absolutely flew by! I was expecting to not love it and to constantly be focussing on an itch that would appear on my foot but this was not the case. I think I immediately bought a lottery ticket on departure so that if I won I could have a facial every week! 

Also interestingly the lady only asked two questions when I finished: How often do I exfoliate my skin and do I use an SPF? The former I could hand on heart say I do on a regular basis with my exfoliating toners, Dermaologica Microfoliants and assortment of masks but the latter not so much. It is a huge part of my routine in the spring and summer, but in the grey wintery months I forget. I was then mildly scolded and reminded of how damaging the winter  weather can be to our delicate faces. She said that she just used a Soltan invisible spray which could be used under makeup and was an affordable option compared to the Kiehls SPF I know many bloggers adore. She also went through all the products with me and answered my long list of questions! 

I was then left to get ready at my own pace, which allowed me to take some pictures. Although the dim lighting was not great for this. I was also given a complimentary product of my choice and another muslin cloth to add to my hoard. I went for the Gentle Face Exfoliator as it is a product I have not tried from the brand. 

I thoroughly adored my afternoon of pampering and if you are very stuck for a gift ideas then this is a great option. I wish I could experience this every week as my skin looked incredible for days after and it definitely made me fall back in love with the brand. All Liz Earle products contain natural ingredients and I think they are all quite affordable in comparison to other brands. It also made me run to Boots with my tail between my legs to stock up on SPF to protect my poor skin! 

What is your favourite Liz Earle product? 


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