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Friday, 7 March 2014

A Beauty Spending Ban For Lent

After receiving Muji's much raved about storage drawers in a goodie bag the other week I decided to sort out all my makeup, even those items lurking in the dark depths of dusty boxes and unused drawers. I was actually quite shocked at the sheer volume of products I had once loved so desperately  but then forgotten all about. Or the amount of items I have in almost the exact same colour - yes I am looking at you pinky lip crayons!  With summer advancing and all my friends booked to go to Ibiza without me due to lack of money, it got me thinking about how much I deny spending on beauty. I am forever picking up the odd little bit here and there, justifying it somehow to myself but then squirrelling it away so the boyfriend doesn't notice, only proving that deep down I know it is unnecessary! Therefore I promised myself to give up buying anything beauty or fashion related for Lent. Going out and dinner are allowed, but the Daniel Sadler contouring palate I so desperately need is most definitely not (or not until Easter Sunday anyway). I definitely have enough toiletries, skincare and makeup to last me months so there really is no need to  buy anything new. I am slightly worried my favourite Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturiser will run out on me but that might help me rediscover another amazing base. I have seen on twitter a few other people trailing this so I am asking you for help: if you see my commenting about any new products then please please berate me! My bank balance will thank you even if I do not straight away! I know this is something a little bit different for me but I thought if I put it in writing I wouldn't be able to tell myself after day 5 that I deserve a treat for being so good! 

Is anyone else on a self imposed beauty spending ban? 



  1. I am the same, I've just decided to go on a spending ban as well, it's going to be hard but I waste so much money on makeup so it would be nice to have some to spend on slightly more important things hehe xx


    1. Well so far it is going well. Fingers crossed we can both keep it up! x

  2. I've decided that I'm going to give up buying makeup for Lent, I spend so much on it I really need to! I'm also giving up chocolate too! Not sure which one will be harder



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