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Friday, 7 February 2014

Yacht Week Part 5: Tips

1. Pack light. 

You have minimal room on the boat and spend the majority of time in swimwear. Believe me you would rather that extra space than that extra dress or pair of shoes! This also leads me on to your case. Make sure it is collapsable so you can store it away.

2. Show off you Nationality. 

People from all over the world take part in YW so make sure your boat stands out. Flags, bunting and bright colours are an absolute must. This also helps you find your boat when you are a little tipsy walking along the jetty! 

3. Fancy Dress. 

You do not need fancy dress every night but definitely take some! When we were there a boat of Danish and German skippers took the week off and they  definitely knew how to enter a new dock in style. Music blaring (they had ridiculous speaker which the drove to Croatia, which apparently had the same strength as those you find in clubs) and fancy dress on. Everyone would immediately swarm to their boat to make friends. 
After seeing this we took stock and would often don fancy dress for the arrivals and pre drinking before changing into nice clothes for the club. 
I think we did fancy dress on 3 nights but the only absolute must is the Regatta where you want the most colourful and eye-catching attire! I think we did pretty well! 

4. Inflatables 

I would definitely invest in some great inflatables. You are often moored next to one another, everyone throws theirs in, it is a great way to share and make friends. This rather amazing swan was borrowed from the boys boat next door.

This is a picture is from one of the final nights. All the boats are tied together in a huge circle and you spend the afternoon making friends. An underwater camera is also a great investment, or lots of people had the waterproof case for your phones which I wish I had thought of. It meant you didn't have to worry about damaging your phone, if it fell in the water it floated and it was much cheaper than an underwater camera!

Just a few more points to consider before you book that I wished I had known: 

1. We went for the cheapest boat option, even when one person dropped out it was still cramped. If you are going to splurge anywhere then the boat is first and foremost. We got very jealous of friends boats which had fans - imagine how hot it is under deck sharing a small tiny bed with friends - some even had TVs and do not even get me started on the Catamarans. One girl even said to be at a party on her boat: "Don't you just hate it when the aircon doesn't reach you face?" I think I had to quickly my excuses before I actually shed a tear! 

2. Check where your boat is docked. There are two places, we unfortunately were the furthest port away. This meant that on the first day there were no free transfers so we had to split a 40 minute taxi there, not ideal. This also means on the last party the venue is by the more popular and closest port. We only had one bus there and back, both of which were very early. All our friends who were on the other port caught a 5 minute taxi to the club making their lives much easier! 

3. If you know a skipper then offer to pay for his space on the boat to come along too, I promise it would be worth it. You have to pay Yacht Week for a skipper anyway and this way you are not sharing such an intimate space with a stranger. You cannot pick your skippers and we were extremely unlucky with ours. He was a Croatian who did not seem integrated with the other skippers. He was unfortunately ill the week we were there and was completely disinterested in what we wanted to do. This caused us to miss out on A LOT and those are experiences you pay a considerable amount of money to have memories of. It also caused friction amongst our group and also rows towards the end when we had had enough. You might luck out and get a brilliant skipper, we met some which were amazing and I know we were just unlucky, but if you have a friend who can do the job then snap them up! 

I hope you enjoyed these posts on Yacht Week and if you are going then have the most incredible time. I am so jealous! 



  1. your photos are making me weep from jealously! You are so lucky & very sensible tips! have to do this one day! xx

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