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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Yacht Week Croatia | Part 4

Day 6

Day 6 was another highlight for me, despite not starting that well. Whilst we sailed to the next place to moor we napped and sunbathed on the boat. Due to the laziness of our skipper we did however miss the blue and green caves which are supposed to be spectacular and we missed all the doughnut parties, again supposed to a highlight of the week! We missed these despite having exact co-ordinates of where they were due to friends. Lets just say arguments occurred, a line was drawn and we moved on.

The penultimate night was at a bay where almost all the boats on the trip moored up in a giant semi circle. All inflatables were thrown in the middle, drinks and fun were shared. 

The evening was spent on the island. We hoped over many boats to find some friends, heard  a weekly speech by some favourite Australians before getting ourselves painted by other Londoners. We then partied on the island and I bumped into Leigh Halfpenny, those who are rugby fans will find this as exciting as I did!

The next day was the Regatta but before it all began our skipper let us have some fun! We slipped the boat's buoys through our inflatables and got pulled along. You had to be careful to keep one hand on your bikini as well as the rope though! We did spot a guy who looked like he was having a great time and made us all very jealous (third picture).
The Regatta was fantastic! All the boats from both the red and black run joined together for a giant race, and whilst fancy dress is not compulsory it is most definitely recommended  We dressed up as Indians as we knew the bright colours would not only stand out but photograph well. On the day there was no wind so the race soon ended and instead turned into a giant party. There was one boat of skippers who had driven speakers from Germany to Croatia and definitely had the loudest and best party. There was even someone DJing with a Mac on top of their boat. Needless to say we all piled on board for an excellent party. 
On our way to the final resting place we saw some dolphins and sat around absorbing the last of the sunshine. 

The final party did not disappoint and we were all devastated for it all to be over.

It is expensive but it is an amazing holiday and I really would recommend it to everyone. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my Croatian adventures and I am tempted to also write posts about my travels if you would all be interested. 



  1. This is making me long for some summer sun and I'm not even a sun worshipper, it's just been so grey and wet and miserable lately.

    1. I know the weather here is so depressingly grey. I cannot wait for Spring to arrive! X

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