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Monday, 3 February 2014

Yacht Week Croatia | Part 1

I know lots of people are considering what to do this summer so I thought I would share with you one of the best experiences of my life which took place last July - Yacht Week. We sailed the Black Route around Croatia and I can honestly say it was such a ridiculous amount of fun and writing this post is going to be heart wrenching as I know I am not going this year. 

Day One & Two

We flew in early as we knew we had quite a travel to our port and we wanted to get everything ready with our boat so we could get going as quickly as possible. There are two marinas and if you can try to be in the one closest to Split, this will ensure free transfers from and to the airport, and allow you to be close for the final party. We met our skipper, who I have very mixed feelings about but more on that later, and set sail to our first destination. The first voyage was beautiful, swimming, sipping wine, listening to music, gossiping with friends whilst we watched the  sun set. Bliss. 

We then had pre drinks on our boat, met our first friends and attended the opening pool party, which was tremendous fun. The next day our hangovers were quickly blown away and we enjoyed our first day sailing. 

We arrived at the beautiful little town of Viz, there was not enough room on the jetty so we moored up next to other boats. This turned out to be the best thing as we all chucked our inflatables into the water and started to make some great friends. Many of which I still see all these months later. 

We walked into the town for a nosey and some dinner. Unfortunately the restaurant our skipper promised us he'd booked was full and so we did struggle to find somewhere. If you visit then please make sure you book ahead so you are not disappointed! 

This night was one of the best of the whole trip. The evening party took place in an old open air fort, there was a sunken dance floor which allowed everyone to dance on the steps all around. 

I cannot put into words how amazing this night was. Check out more information here and I apologise for my lack of photographs here but the quality was low but I think one sums it up! 

I hope you enjoyed this different style of post and I will post the remainder of days during this week.

Have you been on Yacht Week? 


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