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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Yacht Week Croatia | Part 2

Day 3 - Komiza

The next day (a little late due to anchor problems) we sailed onto this little village the other side of Viz. This was a beautiful quaint village where you could have a wander and gorge yourself with delicious ice-cream. In the evening we were moored next to a fantastic bunch of Australian boys who definitely drank us under the table! 

We then got water taxi's over to the town and started the long walk to the infamous beach party, where the DJ keeps playing until the last person leaves the dance floor. Lets just say watching the sun rise on our walk home was rather spectacular!  

Day 4 - Hvar

This is one of my favourite photos of the trip as my abs ached for days after laughing so much! I cannot help but giggle whenever I look at it. We left nice and early for the long trip to Hvar as a storm was brewing but it decided to hit mid way between the islands which made sailing exciting. I spent a lot of the time at the wheel being told to surf the waves, quite difficult on a 50ft boat! The boat was going at right angles from the wind and wave and I was also one of the only people who was not sick over the edge. By the time we got to Hvar we were all ready for a shower and to stock up on supplies. Unfortunately the head of the Red Run had told everyone on his run not to leave the harbour. This meant we had to spend our third night moored up next to other boats as well as no water or electricity. Our smiles were soon wiped off, but you cannot stay miserable in such a beautiful place for long.

We wandered around Hvar, ate some food and experienced the famous Hula Hula Beach Bar. Hvar is absolutely stunning and would recommend everyone to visit. There are many cobbles streets winding their way through old beautiful buildings. You are utterly spoilt for bars, restaurants and shops. I now understand why it is dubbed the new 'St Tropez' and urge you to visit before it changes too much.

We drank cocktails, watched the sun set and danced the evening away. It was a perfect end to a rather turbulent day! 

Find out what happened next tomorrow. 


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