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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Weekly Favourites #3

This week has flown by and I cannot believe I am already posting another Weekly Favourites post. On Monday I went back to work and have loved catching up with all the staff and children however, it has meant that I have struggled to fit in time for my blog. I definitely need to work on organisation! I have had a rather excessive week of lots of fun, cocktails and delicious food, if you have not been then Franco Manca for pizza it is an absolute must. My boyfriend and I have been cooking lots of scrumptious food this week (as I am typing I can smell the blueberry pancakes being cooked next door) and today I am resting to prepare for next week as it is my birthday!

Photographs: Delicious array of cocktails // Homemade fishcakes baked in a delicious tomato sauce // Homemade pulled pork // Incredible cocktail // Pet appreciation, I miss my dogs so much when I am in London! 

Favourite post or video: This was an easy choice to make this week and has to be Lily and Anna's guide to blogging series. Lots of fantastic tips for starting a blog, which is so useful for a newbie like myself! 

Favourite product: This I think has to be the YSL Youth Liberator Foundation, which I did a review on here. I absolutely love it as it is blends beautifully into the skin and leaves a lovely glow to your complexion. 

Hope you have all had a good week too! 



  1. I hadn't seen that blogging series, will check it out as I'm a newbie to all this! Lovely blog by the way, have followed on bloglovin x

    1. Definitely check it out as they give so many great tips. Plus they were the first people I ever watched on youtube so it is nice to see how they do things! x


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