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Friday, 3 January 2014

NYE | Bavarian Beer House

For me NYE can never quite live up to the hype. I believe you have an excellent night roughly every five years and some of my favourite to date have been the more low key affairs. Although this is probably because going out just costs an absolute fortune! However this year I put all those feelings aside as lots of us decided to try the Bavarian Beer House at Tower Hill to say goodbye to 2013 with a bang! 

The Bavarian Beer House is an authentic German restaurant and bar; all the produce is sourced in Germany and they try to include all the big events such as Oktoberfest. (If you don't know this celebration and you are a beer lover then you have been missing out!) There are two London venues (Tower Hill and Old Street) and also a newly opened restaurant in Bristol. 

My evening started with everyone coming to mine for some lovely civilised cocktails and champagne before we loaded ourselves up with schnitzels and steins. It was really lovely to catch up with everyone after the Christmas festivities; even better as my boyfriend is a mean cocktail maker which meant I could just sit and relax! 

The restaurant is underground and full of long tables which fit roughly ten people. We knew a few other tables there which made it even more fun. You paid £25 for your NYE ticket and that included a glass of prosecco on arrival and at midnight, your table for the whole night, a waitress and a buffet. The table was an absolute god send as you always had somewhere to sit and also to store your bag and coat whilst you hit the dance floor. The waitress immediately brought our drinks and the table was covered in fun accessories, such as hats, tiaras, whistles and necklaces. I wasn't holding out much hope for the food as I hadn't heard the most amazing reviews but I was pleasantly surprised! There was a huge variety including, different sausages, curry and salads. The majority was really delicious and I saw lots of people heading up for seconds, which is always a good sign.

The girls then tried to load ourselves up on steins but were getting left behind by the boys so soon turned our attention to shots and bubbly! We played so many drinking games, laughed and danced a lot. It really was a fantastic evening. The waitress was amazing and it made such a difference not having to queue at the bar. I only wish I had taken more pictures, but I did not want to risk taking out my new camera and the dark conditions were not fantastic for an Iphone! 

I do not think I would go back for a normal evening but I will definitely be heading there for Oktoberfest which they hold every year and I really would recommend this as a New Years venue! 

Have you been to a Bavarian Beerhouse?
What did you do for New Years? 


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