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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Mary-Lou Manizer AKA 'The Luminizer'

Mary-Lou Manizer AKA 'The Luminizer'
Mary-Lou Manizer AKA 'The Luminizer'

So this product definitely adds a lot of luminosity to your complexion, but be warned it is highly pigmented so a little goes a very long way! 

Mary-Lou Manizer AKA 'The Luminizer'

I purchased this on a whim in the Boxing Day sales due to some of my favourite bloggers (Essie-Button and Alix) raving about how it is their absolute must for glowing skin. Both these girls have absolutely gorgeous skin so although normally I am not much of a highlight girl I thought this product might convert me and give me that healthy radiant glow without the sparkle and shine. My verdict is still unsure. As you can see from the pictures below this product is highly pigmented.  
swatches of Mary-Lou Manizer AKA 'The Luminizer'
The first two pictures are just a regular swatch and I am not used to there being this much product on my finger at such a gentle touch. I think this is because this is such a soft powder that has an almost creamy formula. The third photograph shows what the product looks like when rubbed in. You can see it blends beautifully into the skin and leaves a very soft highlight.

On my first application of this on the cheeks I was far too heavy handed and the result was ridiculous. I now use a very light fluffy brush and get the smallest amount of product onto the brush before gently tapping any excess off. Then I finely dust this over my cheeks and any points I wish to enhance and I believe this gives me a more natural finish. I have also been using this lots as an eyeshadow, particularly a highlight in the corner of my eyes. 

Although I believe this is a beautiful product I do not reach for highlighters often enough to have justified this purchase. I would have been more than happy to keep using my  Topshop Crescent Moon or my Sleek Contour Kit. However, I will continue to use this on nights out or if I want that extra bit of healthy oomph to my complexion. 

What is your favourite highlighter? 


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