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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Estee Lauder ANR II & ANR Eye Recovery

Estee Lauder ANR II and ANR Eye Recovery
2013 was the year I got serious about my skincare and one of my purchases was the newly formulated Advanced Night Repair serum and their Advance Night Eye Recovery Cream. I had not read a bad review of these products so justified to myself that although they do dent the bank balance they will be worth it in the long run. Plus the gift bag you received for buying both was amazing and came with mini sample bottles of both! I have been using both of these for well over six months now and can safely say I love them. I use the eye cream every night whilst the ANR serum gets used most nights, depending on whether I am using an oil or not. 

The ANR serum is a cult beauty product that has been reformulated to incredible success. It promises to remedy any damage done to your skin during the day so whilst you are soundly asleep this bad boy is reducing the appearance of lines, evening out your skin tone and leaving your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and glowing. I have not tried the original to compare but I can say this one absorbs beautifully into the skin leaving it feeling hydrated and plump. There is no residue or tacky feeling and I actually look forward to massaging this into my skin at night. Now it is not cheap at £48 for 30ml but I have noticed a huge difference in my skin and you only need a few drops with each use. Now that I am also using other oils in the evening I think this will easily last me all year, if not more, making it not such an eye watering price. 

Estee Lauder ANR Eye Recovery

The ANR Synchronized Eye Recovery Complex is a beautiful silky serum which hydrates my eyes beautifully. Estee Lauder promises that it reduces the look of ageing around the fragile eye area; reduces dark circles and puffiness; eliminates dryness and uneven skin tone; whilst strengthening the delicate skin to leave them feeling refreshed, brighter and smoother. Now I have tried a lot of eye creams and this is the first one I have used where I swear I can see a difference. I absolutely love it and although pricey will definitely repurchase. Like the previous product you need a minimal amount of cream as it melts into the skin therefore I know this will last me a long time. In six months I have barely made a dent! 

Have you tried these products? 
What are your favourite evening serums and eye creams? 



  1. I've heard nothing but great things about Estée Lauder skincare! I'm always scared to try higher end products as my skin is so sensitive, but I really want to try the eye repair!
    Great post:)
    Sophy xo | Lashes and Splashes

    1. I wold definitely repurchase the Eye Repair as it is so lovely and I really do think it has made a difference. X

  2. I want this so badly, even Caroline Hirons loves it and that must mean it's good, right?
    I really like your blog and I just nominated you for a Liebster award! Check it out on www.livinglifeindocs.blogspot.com




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