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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Why I love Christmas

Christmas is most definitely my favourite time of the year, although I adore the sunshine there just isn't a day that can top this holiday. I consider myself extremely lucky in that I have a very large close family who get together most weekends for some sort of celebration. Last year this festive period was extremely busy with continual dinner parties (I think we fed close to 100 people in 5 days!) so this year my Mum decided to take a break and just have 18 people on Christmas Day and then have lazy days around it. However, that didn't quite go to plan. I had decided to do a Christmas post on Christmas Eve but events got a little out of hand. 

My little village flooded! How my Dad made it to London for work in the early hours is beyond me but there were some touch and go moments where we were unsure whether my dad, one brother and the turkey would make it home. We also had other issues such as no gas for the whole of Christmas Eve and Day, this meant no AGA or heating. Luckily we have a large open fire place to heat the house and next door were skiing so as we had spent the morning mopping the flood water out of their kitchen they said we could use the kitchen to make our Christmas dinner. In a weird way this made everyone pull together and it a bit more exciting, although much more stressful too!

Anyway, I have seen many a Christmas tag and I kept wanting to write one but I always got distracted and now I feel it is too late so I thought I would create my own post and just explain why I think this is the best day of the year. 

Number 1: I love Christmas for the presents, obviously! I definitely think I prefer the giving now that I have grown older and put a lot of time into selecting presents I believe the recipients will love. In the morning we all cram onto my parents bed to open our stockings, a tradition that is getting very squashed and difficult now we are all far too old to really have stockings! Then we head downstairs to open presents from each other. This is when the champers is cracked open and is the peaceful time before preparations begin. 

Number 2:  The family getting together. As I have already said, I am a home girl and disappear off to the countryside as often as I can. Almost all my aunts, uncles and cousins live in a 10 mile radius and my grandparents are down the road. Having everyone together on Christmas Day just makes it all that extra bit special. We all cram around a long table, eat to our hearts content then sit around the fire and spend the afternoon opening even more presents, absolute bliss. 

Number 3: The food! I absolutely categorically love Christmas dinner. I am aware it is incredibly unhealthy but the stuffing, gravy, potatoes and pigs in blankets steal my heart each year. I can not eat enough of it! This year was no exception and I always eat far too much to want anything else for 48 hours after! 

I hope you enjoyed this insight into my favourite day and hope you had a fantastic Christmas too! 

Why do you love Christmas?


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