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Saturday, 21 December 2013

The repurchase: NARS Laguna Bronzer

I very much doubt there is a beauty blog reader out there who does not lust after or own this bronzer. Now I very rarely repurchase products as I am normally intrigued by some new review that promises to blow the previous much loved product out the water. Sometimes this is a good thing and on other occasions it can just be a massive disappointment. I am yet though to read a bad review of this beautiful bronzer.

I actually dropped my previous NARS Laguna at Easter and instead of repurchasing straight away I have been using a variety of other bronzers to varying degrees of success. I desperately wanted to see if I loved a cheaper alternative as much, as lets face it £26 is a lot for a bronzer. But when ASOS had 25% and I saw this was in stock I knew there would only be one outcome. 

The reason I love this NARS product is because the pigmentation is incredible. I sometimes find bronzers can look a little orange if you accidentally are a little too heavy handed or excitable on application, I am looking at you Sleek contour kit. But this product is loved even by the palest of skin tones. It has the perfect balance of shimmer and matte leaving your skin with a delectable glowy effect. I use it either to contour or if I am going for a sun kissed look I apply it to any area of my face the sun would naturally hit. This product also has amazing longevity and I really cannot recommend it enough. 

What is your favourite bronzer? 


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