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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Review | Soap & Glory Eyeshadow Palate - What's Nude?

A picture of Soap & Glory Eyeshadow Palate - What's Nude? The four shades

I am nude eyeshadow girl through and through, boring as that might sound I just love them! So when I spotted this little palate in Boots I knew I had to give it a whirl. When it comes to Soap & Glory makeup I haven't experimented that much but after purchasing this I think I should. 

Two lighter shades from the palate. Vanilla and Pink T
The top two shades are your base colours which can be swept all over the lid and leave you with that no make up look. The lightest shade is Vanilla (right on the picture above) and it is a very pale cream, a perfect subtle matt highlight. Pink T is a very soft creamy pink neutral shade that looks great all over the lid. It also comes with Soap and Glory prettily imprinted onto the product.
A picture of the swatches Aubersheen and Mudhoney

I adore these next two colours, especially for running through my crease to help define my eyes. Aubersheen (right in pic above) is a matt brown colour whilst Mudhoney is a similar colour but with a gorgeous shimmer running through. 

I have been seriously impressed with the pigmentation of these shadows and how easily they blend with each other. They have great longevity, are extremely soft on application and the packaging makes them easy to carry around. I will definitely be picking up some more S & G makeup products if the quality is as good as these! 

A picture of the packaging of Soap & Glory Eyeshadow Palate - What's Nude?

Have you tried this product? 
What other Soap & Glory makeup would you recommend?


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  1. This looks gorgeous! I love soap and glory stuff. I love nude shades, I'm definetly going to keep an eye out for this.
    lots of love,
    Laura x


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