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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Riddle & Finns in Brighton

Last Saturday I went to one of my favourite cities, Brighton. If you have never been then I cannot recommend it enough as it is extremely diverse and you cannot leave without a smile on your face. My favourite area has to be the lanes and all the quirky shops, galleries and delicious restaurants it has to offer. I think this jug and little sugar pot has to be my favourite purchase of the day. They are from The Lavender Rooms which I could spend hours browsing around! 

The highlight of the day however had to have been lunch at the fish restaurant Riddle & Finns in the Lanes. You cannot book at the restaurant so make sure you get there early as the wait for tables grows grows very quickly. The decor is beautifully old fashioned with lots of black and white photographs depicting how Brighton has changed over the years. Once you are sat you are given a bowl of freshly baked bread with smoked mackerel pate, garlic mayonnaise and horseradish cream; which when spread altogether is just divine! This is a very reasonable £1 each and a perfect way to start your meal. 

We went for a selection of starters for the four of us to share. The tempura monkfish cheeks with a ginger & peanut dipping sauce was delicious, as were the scallops with chorizo & chilli. My favourite however was definitely the fishcakes as they were so light and fresh. 

For mains I had the fish pie wish was wonderfully creamy and full of whole grain mustard. It was filled with a variety of fish, prawns and scallops - heaven! Everyone else had amazing dishes as well, unfortunately they demolished theirs before I could whip my camera out! I would definitely recommend the fish pie or the smoked haddock with colcannon, a poached egg and the largest most grandest piece of proscuitto ever, which is presented standing up like a flag. 

Although the desserts did look delicious we were all incredibly full so we just had a coffee and then went for a wander to stretch our legs. 

If you have never been I definitely would recommend a trip there. We spent so much time in the Lanes unfortunately we did not make it to the pier and seafront but I will definitely make time on my next visit! 

Where is your favourite place in Brighton?


  1. ooh id really love to go to Brighton!it just looks so darn cool!but its hours and hours away from where i live!x

  2. This looks so lovely, I'd love to visit Brighton :) great blog, I'm following :)


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