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Friday, 20 December 2013

Meeting Caroline Hirons & New Toners

The other day I was lucky enough to visit the Northecote Road Space NK on the day that Caroline Hirons was doing her 'annual shop floor day.' I was having lunch with London Kat so we both decided to pop in and meet her as we have been avid followers of her blogs for years. Caroline was really friendly, helpful and WOW, she really does have incredible skin, it actually glows! 

I asked her advice on toners as for me this is the step in my skincare routine I am not entirely happy with. Caroline seemed content with the products I am using (posts coming soon) although was not pleased that I missed out the hydrating toner stage. I think this is because I have never found a hydrating toner I like that is easy to get hold of. Caroline seemed placated by the fact I use serums morning and evening but recommended her favourite toners to me. 

REN Clarifying Toning Lotion

This is a very gentle exfoliating toner which helps remove the dead skin cells leaving your complexion clearer and smoother. Although it is targeted for combination to oily skin types Caroline said she believes it is perfect for all, and it is what she reaches for most days. I can tell it is definitely kinder to my skin than my much loved Pixi Glow and I have enjoyed using this most mornings and evenings. It has a wonderful faint peppermint smell to it and it definitely leaves my skin feeling refreshes without drying it out. This retails at £18 and I definitely think it is worth it so far, although I will report back after a month! 

Darphin Intral Toner with Chamomile

This is the important stage I have been guiltily skipping on a daily basis. Caroline reminded me that we should be layering our skincare with a little amount of different products. Her analogy was: Would you go outside in just one big jumper, or would you layer with a T shirt, jumper, gloves, scarf and hat? Well I definitely do the latter and as my skin can get dehydrated (probably because I am awful at drinking lots of water) this is a step I definitely believed I should invest in. Now at £26 it is not the cheapest of toners but it promises to reduce redness and inflammation as well as smoothing and nourishing your skin. Caroline raves about it here and offers cheaper alternatives for you. From the first application I swear I could feel the difference these two toners made. My skin felt might tighter and refreshed than normal. It has only been a few days  so I don't want to say too much but will definitely be writing it about it more at a later date. 

Toners I currently use

The main point I got from this visit was that you really should mix up your skincare. Now, this is something I struggle with as you just want to find that 'one' product that is going to eradicate blemishes, scars, lines and leave your skin feeling smooth and glowing all year. Although I absolutely love these two toners I will not be packing my others away any time soon as I think the products  you use should be dependant on how your skin feels each day. 

In the evenings I am currently using (and have been now for a year on Caroline's recommendations) my Pixi Glow Tonic. This is a gentle, oil and alcohol free astringent toner. Read more on Caroline's post here. Now I do love this as it is inexpensive (£16) and I can definitely see the difference it has made to my skin, as it is now much smoother and it helps with blemishes. I will always use it but sometimes I want something a bit gentler, which is where the REN comes in. 

In the mornings I tend to reach for which ever is closer between my Dermalogica Multi Active Toner and Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic. I find both these toners refreshing and kind to my skin, however both are running out and I want to try some new products. 

Which toners would you recommend?
Have you tried any of these products?


  1. Lovely post! Really enjoyed reading!

    Emma x

  2. Im using the la roche posay effaclar toner but it contains alcohol so not sure its the best thing for my skin. I need to get something else but I cant really afford much.

    1. I really like the Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating toner if you're on a budget! x

  3. I haven't tried the Effaclar toner before. These toners are amazing but they can be pricey. The Liz Earle one is great value for money though, as is the Pixi Glow. I love them both! x


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