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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Kiehl's Skin Rescuer

Over the years of pouring over various beauty blogs, eager to buy every recommendation under the sun, I have come to the conclusion that my skin is very dependent on hormones, stress and diet. If work is killing me, it is that time of the month or I have had an excessive few days then the likely hood this will show on my face. However, I have found something that considerably helps. I bought this product at the Kiehl's gathering a few weeks ago, post here, and have been using it every morning since. I purchased it as my skin was acting up due to high (work related) stress levels and the lovely members of staff at Kiehls informed me that this  stress-minimizing daily hydrator promises to significantly help. It claims to not only reduce the appearance of the visible signs of stress on the skin, such as fatigued, dull looking skin and uneven skin tone, but due to the Mannose and Rosa Gallicia formulation it will also help fortify the skin barrier helping to protect the skin from showing the impact of daily stresses. The consistency is light but very hydrating and I have loved using it each morning. It is the perfect base for makeup and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and incredibly soft. As the formula is light I only tend to use this in the mornings, opting for a more nourishing product in the evening. 

I would definitely recommend this for blemish prone skin, especially if the causes are due to stress or hormones. It definitely helped with my blemishes, and now my skin has cleared I have started using this in rotation with my Origins GinZing, see post here. I would definitely repurchase this product and I will keep returning to it when needed. 

Have you tried this product? 
What did you think?



  1. I've got this myself and I've noticed it's made a massive difference to my spots - I get hormanal ones litterally on one side of my face (so annoying!) but they've calmed down significantly.

    I smell a repeat purchase ;p

  2. I know it is just amazing! I will definitely be repurchasing. x


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