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Saturday, 23 November 2013

My Base Hero Brand

After many years of reading other people’s blogs and watching their youtube videos I have finally plucked up the courage to start my own blog - a scary thought. My addiction to reading blogs began about 2 years ago when I wanted to improve my skincare. I was bored of having dull and unhealthy skin so started browsing the internet to get inspiration and found lots of interesting blogs, many of which I still read today. My desire for flawless skin has grown, as sadly has the price tag on lots of the items I now buy or lust after. For my first post I thought I would talk about my makeup base hero brand - Laura Mercier. 

Secret Camouflage, Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser, Foundation Primer in Radiace.
To start with I always use their Radiance Primer, which has a creamy texture and a pearl tint. I find that it blurs my imperfections and allows the following products to remain on my face for a lot longer. 

Secondly, I find tinted moisturisers fantastic all year round: in summer you always want a light base and in winter you need all the added hydration you can find due to the harsh weather. I originally purchased the Illuminating version. Does anyone else find that they go into a shop for one product and then after chatting to the sales people leave with another you almost immediately regret? This was one of those days. I found this product a little to shiny on the skin and it didn’t have the coverage everyone else seemed to rave about. It was then that I read Lily’s post and realised that I should have stuck with my original idea, the oil free version. Since then I have not looked back and it is my go to choice of base. I find it is heavier coverage, more like a sheer foundation, but it does not dry my skin out, instead I have a healthy glowing complexion which lasts throughout the day whatever the season. 

Finally, if you have not you must try the brand’s Secret Camouflage concealer. I recently purchased another one - the previous one did last a staggering two years! You get two shades in every palate, making it perfect for any area of skin and any season. Although I can assure you the darker shade is not as orange as it looks in the photo! It covers the most stubborn of blemishes, in fact the lovely lady at the Harrods counter informed me it can even eliminate the appearance of tattoos and scars! Although I love this around the face it can be drying under the eyes so I tend to use another product to erase dark circles. I apply this concealer by mixing the two colours together and then I buff it into my skin with a Real Technique’s Dome Shadow brush. If I still need a bit more help then I will go back in with any small brush I have to hand for some pin point concealing - thank you Lisa Eldridge for this tip! Sometimes I will dab over with my finger to ensure that the edges are well blended. 

There we go my declaration of love complete! 

Does anyone else have a love for Laura Mercier or tried any of these bases? 


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