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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Chicken & Chorizo Tray Bake

Apart from avidly reading beauty blogs I also enjoy blogs related to food - Deliciously Ella anyone? My mum is a fantastic cook and this has resulted in an obsession for good food. Back home the kitchen was and still is the most important room in the house. When we are all back from different areas of the globe, it is the kitchen we will spend all our time and it is something I hope will continue when I eventually buy a house of my own. I often try to emulate my Mum’s cooking so every week I thought I would share some of my favourite recipes with you. 

This week I had some friends round for a quick supper before we went out for someone’s leaving drinks - he has decided to abandon us for surfing and wallabies! Having a separate kitchen and the fact one of the lovely ladies has been MIA for a few weeks meant I did not want to be stuck in the kitchen whilst everyone else was having a good old gossip. In instances like this I think a good old tray bake is the way forward as you can do the prep work before then just whack it in the oven when everyone arrives! Now I have loads of these tray bakes up my sleeve but the requested one this evening was with chicken and chorizo. I did take lots of great pictures of the process and the finished product however I unfortunately lost my camera on the night out, so I had to repeat the recipe at a later date! The only change was heated rosemary foccacia bread instead of a warm crusty sour dough for mopping up the sauce - by far the best bit! 

You will need for 4 people: 

1 x Chorizo - spicier the better. 
4 x chicken breasts 
(This is completely dependent on whether you are hungry / want to bulk it out with potatoes as well.)
1 pack of sweet cherry tomatoes.
1 x red onion.
4 x cloves of garlic. 
1 x lemon. 
1 x teaspoon whole grain mustard and Djion
1 x teaspoon paprika powder
1 x bunch of parsley 
A splash of olive oil.
Sea salt & pepper

Oven - Gas Mark 7 / 220 Celsius

Firstly chop the onion into thin strips and gently saute it with a small pinch of salt. Putting salt onto red onion whilst it cooks makes it sweet! Whilst this is softening start to make the juice you will pour over the top. I mush two cloves of garlic with sea salt and pepper in my beloved pestle and mortar. Then I add the mustards and smash it together. Next I add the lemon juice and olive oil - roughly put in just under double the liquid of the lemon. Finally alter depending on taste. It might need a splash of white vinegar, more olive oil or mustard, it really is dependent on your taste. Don't worry if it is quite strong as the fat and juices from the chicken and chorizo will take the sharpness away. 

Once the onion is soft pop into into a large baking tray. Next chop the chorizo and chicken and add it to the tray with the pack of tomatoes. Pour over the sauce and stir it all together. The size of your chorizo will depend on how charred you like it. I like mine crisp around the edges so cut it smaller than the chicken. Pour over the sauce and mix it all together. 

Finally pop it into the oven for about 20 - 30 minutes although this is dependent on how small you have cut your pieces! Check the chicken to ensure it is cooked and then have a taste of the sauce. If you feel it needs something then now is the time for last minute alterations. Chop and scatter the parsley on top then serve with a chunk of warm break and some fresh salad. 

It is such an easy recipe and one that you can alter to your own tastes. My cooking is very slap dash and I am one for tasting and changing recipes rather than sticking to exact measurements - probably why my baking does not have the most impressive track record! This recipe is also delicious if you add some potatoes to the tray.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this and I will continue to share some of my favourite recipes.



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